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Testimonials from happy paragliding passengers …


Karin Weber paraglided from Signal Hill.

“Paragliding with Jacques was a fantastic start to the (Chinese) New glad the weather/wind gods were finally with us for the ultimate fun experience. Thanks so much for a wonderful morning in beautiful Cape Town!”


Nikki van Rensburg paraglided from Signal Hill.

“I do have to say I was very impressed with the team and would recomment you guys to anyone!
I thoroughly enjoyed it, could’ve stayed up for an hour!!!
Thanks again and hope to do it again soon”

Christine Grant paraglided from Lions Head. “What an incredible experience!”


Joy and Julie Barrett paraglided from Signal Hill. “What an awesome way to start 2014!  My mom and I had a fabulous time, thank you for a wonderful morning!”



Sashnie Streatfield paraglided from Signal Hill. “I have just one word to sum up flying with Icarus paragliding.  AWESOME!

The view, the pilot, just the entire experience was awesome. And I mean it in the text book meaning of the word.
1. inspiring an overwhelming feeling of reverence, admiration, or fear; causing or inducing awe: an awesome sight  or experience. “


Paul Marais paraglided from Signal Hill, our first flight of 2014 “A truly amazing experience, I can most certainly recommend to everyone! A big thanks to Jacques for the most awesome start to my new year!”

photo 1

Kristyna Radochova paraglided from Signal Hill with Jacques “Take care and thanks again for great flight!”

My beautiful picture

Susan van der Merwe arranged a big surprise for her parents, husband and a friend in Hermanus  “Thank you so much for helping with arranging this big surprise.  My dad was still running on adrenaline for the next 2 days telling everyone he saw about the surprise and how we managed to pull it all together without anyone finding out :)”

IMG_3109 (Small)

Kathy Badenhorst joined Susan in the surprise Hermanus flights by including her husband Roelof “Thanks again, Roelof really had a lot of fun”

IMG_3139 (Small)

Rob Van Vuuren paraglided from Lions Head with Jacques “Just jumped off Lions Head with Jacques of Icarus Paragliding. Absolutely awesome experience!!!”

Rob van Vuuren

Cynthia Lee paraglided from Signal Hill with Jacques “thanks for the awesome experience!  :)”


Natashja Pinsenschaum paraglided from Signal Hill “Thanx again a mill for bearing with me…it was an awesome flight+I will want to do it again,but this time hopefully from Lions Head ;)”

Natashja and Jacques before her flight, she looks super chilled and excited.

Awesome view of Sea Point taken just after take off from Signal Hill.

Yusuf Leeman after paragliding from Signal Hill which was a birthday gift from his wife Shaida “Thanks an INCREDIBLE adventure :)”

Lena Grote after paragliding from Signal Hill “I’m happy as well, it was so much fun! Another friend of mine is thinking about flying with you, too, so I might actually see you guys again soon ;)”

Richard “first of all, it was awesome with you guys!

I arrived in Cape Town 3 days before this flight and my girlfriend told me Santa Claus is waiting for me in Cape Town. 

I had no clue what’s going on and how Santa could handle it without snow. Then we drove to Lion’s Head and five minutes before we arrived i slowly figured out what she was talking about. Santa Claus could fly, and I have to fly with him. I was totally excited and a little bit scared but Santa – or Jacques – was such a nice guy I relaxed a little! Walking to our starting point I slowly realized that I’d have to jump off this mountain with these stunning views of Cape Town and the Ocean. Whoop, a few seconds later I was up in the air and totally breathless. Wow, amazing, awesome, wonderful, stunning, crazy! Maybe I used all the words I know and invented some more 😉

Now I can say, i flew with Santa Claus. Thanks for this wonderful experience! ” 

Lisa on behalf of her boyfriend Jan who paraglided from Lions Head “They really loved it and couldn´t stop telling us how wonderful it was 🙂  Merry Christmas to all of you!”

Natalie paragliding from Signal Hill, her comment about our pilot Jean is x-rated 🙂

Helena Wechter paragliding from Signal Hill over the Cape Town stadium

Alberdina Tilma paraglided from Lions Head and landed in front of The Bungalow.

William Cherry after paragliding from Signal Hill “Jacques was great.  Will bring the wife in February and have another go!!”

Lianne Brouwer after paragliding from Lions Head and landing on Camps Bay beach “It was amazing and a real experience!!”

Fleur de Koning “Thanks for the great flight in Hermanus wednesday 10-10-2012! “

Greg Streatfield after paragliding from Signal Hill “The best legal high ever with the most competent and skilled pilot you will ever see – he knows just the limit to push to ensure you will come back for more!”

Taswill Arends on paragliding take off at Signal Hill “I was over excited with lots of butterfly’s in my tummy. The best experience ever :)” 

Nicola paragliding from Signal Hill

Irene du Plessis after paragliding from Signal Hill “I’ve told all my friends overseas to add paragliding to their bucket list”

Simone Brandi after paragliding from Lions Head “He made me scream so loud my friends heard me from the beach below” 

Kirsty Webster after paragliding in Porterville “High flying, an incredible experience and awesome pilot”

Mathias Stapel after paragliding from Lions Head “3 days later adrenaline was still rushing through my veins”