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Paragliding Courses

Introduction to Paragliding
2 days R12 500

After the thrill of your first tandem paragliding flight take the next step and sign up for an Introduction to Paragliding and learn to fly.

  • Theory covers introduction to paragliding equipment and how to read the wind.
  • Ground handling enables you to play with your glider while being assisted by your paragliding instructor. Learn to pull up, control and steer your glider.
  • On the first day most paragliding students will be able to fly two solo flights from a training dune of about 40m high, alternatively you will fly in tandem with further inflight instruction to build up your confidence.
  • On the second day you will practice further ground handling followed by solo flights from training dunes.
  • All equipment is supplied.

If you decide to pursue flying, Introduction to Paragliding fees become your deposit towards your full Basic Paragliding Licence.

Basic Paragliding Licence
R18 500

Take the next step to become a certified paraglider pilot.

SAHPA (South African Hang gliding and Paragliding Association), is the only controlling body empowered by the Civil Aviation Authority to issue hang gliding & paragliding licences in South Africa.

  • In depth theory using the SAHPA manual covers the topics of airflow, airlaw, aerodynamics, meteorology, thermal flying, ridge soaring, flight manoeuvres, procedures and safety.
  • You will focus on launching, flight techniques and landing.  Over a minimum of 7 consecutive days you will log 35 flights under instructor supervision, with a minimum of 4 hours flight time.
  • Before obtaining your student licence you will take a practical and written test.  Your student licence is valid for one year and needs to be renewed annually through SAHPA.

Equipment and SAHPA manual is supplied.

Your course needs to be completed within 6 months.

Paragliding CoursesPrice
Introduction to paraglidingR 12,500
Basic paragliding licenseR 18,500


Paragliding is addictive, it will become a way of life. You will start chasing the wind and noticing birds catching thermals, you will look at the world differently. No day is the same, flying conditions are always changing and every flight will be different, some awesome, some tough.  You will pick up some bad habits that we will need to break, the whole time you will be building your confidence and skill.  The most important thing is to have fun.