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Jacques du Plessis

Jacques du PlessisJacques is the owner of Icarus Paragliding. He saw his first paraglider at the age of 12 and wished he could be that pilot. At the age of 25 he handled his first wing and went on his first tandem paragliding flight, his dream came true, he was flying and was hooked for life.

Paragliding turned from his hobby into his career and he moved to Cape Town. He met his wife, Louise flying her from Lions Head, love at first flight. In 2009 he ranked 2nd  in South Africa for Tandem Paragliding. In 2011 he ranked 1st. His passion for paragliding is contagious.


John Nicholas

John first saw a paraglider flying on Lions Head way back in 1990. It took him a couple of years to find an instructor, but once he began flying in 1993, he was hooked.

Any free time in the next few years was spent improving his flying, and by 1999 he liked paragliding so much that he bought a mountain in the NE part of South Africa, together with his brother. He lived on site for the next few years doing paragliding instruction and getting involved in the   management of the sport in SA. He has flown extensively across South Africa, Swaziland and Zimbabwe. He has flown competitions in France, Switzerland and Spain.

From 1995 to 2005 he regularly competed in local and some international competitions, reaching a highest of 7th in the local rankings. His furthest cross country distance is 143km. These days he attends competitions for fun, leaving the serious competing to the new generation.

John gained his tandem rating in 2001 and from 2008 began working as a professional tandem pilot in Cape Town. He quickly realised that not only does Cape Town have the best views but the prettiest girls too! He moved here in 2010 and has not looked back. He loves his job.

Jean van Niekerk

JeanIn September 2007 Jean saw paragliders flying off a hill in Krugersdorp. He was in awe and quickly found a paragliding school. Next step was a paragliding weekend, quickly learning the basics and ground handling; by Sunday afternoon he did his first solo flight. The rest is history. Another paragliding junkie was born.

Jean’s first few years of paragliding were influenced by Jacques, his mentor. Jacques advice was “Never Leave Lift! Never Quit!”. There is no better way to mould a friendship for life than sharing a passion and a hobby.

His personal best distance is 100.9km cross country in De Aar and an 85km task in Bulgaria.

Carlos (Carlucho) Cordido


Carlos started flying at the age of 11 along with his father and brother. They felt so attracted to the sky that they never stopped flying since. After more than 20 Years as a pilot, Carlos has had some nice accomplishments, achieving a 3rd Place at paragliding World Cup Brazil 2012 and 5th place at Paragliding World cup France 2012, in 2013 along with the National Venezuelan team finished in 3rd Place by Nations at the FAI Paragliding World Championship in Sopot Bulgaria. In 2014 Carlos was the Venezuelan National Champion.

Today Carlos loves to take people high up in the sky and travel around the world to be able to keep on flying. In the past years Carlos has been constantly flying his tandem in Vancouver Canada, The Cauca Valley in Colombia and of course beautiful Cape Town South Africa.

Louise du Plessis

LouiseLouise fell in love with paragliding during her first flight with Jacques in 2010, she had no idea she would land up marrying her pilot. Jacques loves to brag to his passengers about meeting his wife when she was a passenger and asking her to marry him four minutes after meeting on the walk up Lions Head.

She is the lady behind the scene helping with marketing and admin.