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Icarus Tandem Paragliding based in Cape Town started sharing the love with family and friends, they started introducing their loved ones to tandem paragliding.

It all started with Jacques and Louise meeting in April 2010 when she bought herself a tandem flight for her birthday, she was hooked and insisted everybody else should also be.

Jacques & Louise‘s first flight paragliding flight from Lions Head, “I was on a high for 3 days after my first flight, paragliding is seriously addictive”

Anthony Heyns paragliding in Hermanus, “Now I understand why Louise fell inlove with Jacques, I mean paragliding”

 Mathias Stapel after paragliding from Lions Head, “3 days later adrenaline was still rushing through my veins”


Simone Brandi paragliding from Lions Head, “He made me scream so loud my friends heard me from the beach below”

Tiffany Lindeque paragliding in Porterville, “More, more, more!  I could do this everyday”

Jules paragliding in 2011 Barberton Paragliding Open, “Jacquey … Jacquey … Jacquey … Jacquey … Jacquey …”

Greg Streatfield paragliding from Signal Hill, “The best legal high ever with the most competent and skilled pilot you will ever see – he knows just the limit to push to ensure you will come back for more!”

Sashnie Streatfield paragliding from Signal Hill, “I have just one word to sum up flying with Icarus paragliding. AWESOME! The view, the pilot, just the entire experience was awesome!”


Jacques & Louise‘s second paragliding flight in Porterville, “Cross country paragliding is awesome, we spent the day chasing the wind”

 Kirsty Webster paragliding in Porterville, “High flying, an incredible experience and awesome pilot”

 Mathias Stapel ground handling in Sea Point, “I still laugh and smile every time I think about paragliding”

Laura Howie‘s first paragliding flight from Lions Head, “Wow what an awesome experience, we landed on Camps Bay beach”


Verity Lindeque paragliding from Lions Head, “What an unexpected birthday treat”


Irene du Plessis paragliding from Signal Hill, “I’ve told all my friends overseas to add paragliding to their bucket list”

Taswill Arends on paragliding take off at Signal Hill, “I was over excited with lots of butterfly’s in my tummy. The best experience ever :)”

Paul Marais on the Sea Point promenade after paragliding from Signal Hill, “A truly amazing experience, I can most certainly recommend to everyone! A big thanks to Jacques for the most awesome start to my new year!”

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