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Tandem flight with Icarus Paragliding

  Have you ever thought of what it means to be free? Well that is exactly how I felt on my first tandem flight with Icarus Paraliding. Paragliding is an adrenaline rush, fun and thrilling activity which you can do … Read More

Table Mountain, Cape Town

Meeting Point at Table Mountain Table Mountain is one of the most complex paragliding launch sites in Cape Town with rapidly changing wind directions sitting at 1000m above sea level. Pilots meet at the car park adjacent to the Cable … Read More

Table Mountain

Thinking Of Paragliding?

That sounds like fun! How adventurous! I’m envious, I’ve always wanted to go for a tandem paragliding flight! Wow! Cape Town is beautiful. We really do live in a beautiful city. If you were wondering that’s the response from my … Read More

Cape Times apology to Icarus Tandem Paragliding

Cape Times has published an apology to Icarus Tandem Paragliding for naming us as the company involved in the paragliding accident in Cape Town on Monday.

Paragliding accident in Cape Town

Sadly there was a paragliding accident in Cape Town on Monday. The Cape Times reported “Tandem paraglider crashes into concrete wall” they also incorrectly state “Icarus Tandem Paragliding the company involved, said yesterday they would not be making a statement on … Read More

Icarus Paragliding wishes you a Merry Christmas

Icarus Paragliding wishes all their passengers and agents a Merry Christmas – Jacques, John, Carlos, Jean, Lizaan and Louise Carlos enjoyed his first South African Christmas with Jacques and Louise, hopefully the first of many.

Downhill Adventures goes Paragliding

The lovely French Girlz from Downhill Adventures shared the sky with Icarus Paragliding. “Thank you very much for letting us fly yesterday! it was really exceptional ! Please find in the attachment the Best pictures of us with the amazing … Read More

Paragliding in Cape Town

Join us tandem paragliding in Cape Town, Table Mountain is magical from the air. Be adventurous book your tandem paragliding flight today, Icarus Paragliding would love to share the sky with you.

Two Oceans Aquarium Cape Town

The Two Oceans Aquarium Cape Town is one of our favourite places. How gorgeous is this Loggerhead Turtle? Do you know that they can weigh up to 125kgs? Too heavy to go tandem paragliding.

Paragliding in Cape Town

Paragliding in Cape Town has got to be one of the best adrenaline rushes that you will ever experience. Share the sky with us, book a tandem paragliding flight and see Table Mountain from a different perspective.

Brothers paragliding from Signal Hill

Jacques and Stephen were spotted paragliding from Signal Hill on Sunday, they snuck in a quick flight before thick clouds changed flying conditions.

Icarus Paragliding mascot

Sunday was such a long day waiting for the wind to change that even the Icarus Paragliding mascot collapsed in a heap.  

Hello Sea Point Promenade

Hello Sea Point Promenade, the place where sunsets never disappoints us. Icarus Tandem Paragliding is looking forward to sharing the sky and the sunset with you.

Add tandem paragliding to your bucket list

Is tandem paragliding on our bucket list? Well it should be. Contact Icarus Tandem Paragliding so we can share the sky with you and help tick off your bucket list. You will love it. Let us make you scream.

New tandem paragliding t-shirts …

Watch this space … new tandem paragliding t-shirts for the Icarus Paragliding pilots and tandem crew