Signal Hill (Lion’s Rump or “The Lion’s Flank”, a term now obsolete) is a long smoothly sloped ridge 350m above sea level, that provides great ridge soaring and thermalling allowing you views of Sea Point, Cape Town Harbour, Green Point Stadium, Robben Island and Table Mountain.Signal Hill views

A North West or West wind is ideal with a wind speed of 15-25kph although flying in a South East wind direction if the wind is not to strong on a hot day due to the lulls and thermals are possible.

Slope landing skills are essential as it’s your only landing option if you not going to make it over town to the landing area at the Sea Point Promenade in front of the Winchester Mansions Hotel. It goes without saying Signal Hill is a sports rated site.

Cape Town

If you are a paragliding pilot visiting Cape Town you definitely want to bring your paraglider with and take in the majestic views Cape Town has to offer. The tandem pilots at Signal Hill can give you a site briefing and explain what the conditions are like as it can be a tricky site due to a very complex micrometeorology system.

* The Table Mountain National Park (TMNP) My Activity Permit (Level 2 – Hang-gliding and paragliding, sport climbing – R370) is required by individuals who make use of the Park. You can purchase this card at Tokai Plantation Office, Tokai Road, Tokai (Mondays to Fridays 08:00-15:45) or List of Cape Town Tourism Visitor Information sales outlets. You will need to take two ID photos, proof of identity and a signed copy of the application form.


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Paragliding accident in Cape Town

Sadly there was a paragliding accident in Cape Town on Monday. The Cape Times reported “Tandem paraglider crashes into concrete wall” they also incorrectly state “Icarus Tandem Paragliding the company involved, said yesterday they would not be making a statement on the incident”. We have asked The Cape Times to publish a retraction. Regardless of which […]

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