First things first, let’s find out what a paraglider is before we discuss what paragliding is.




A paraglider is a fabric wing used to fly. It has no rigid structure, its shape is formed by the pressure of air entering the vents in the front edge. This wing is connected to the harness by lines. The harness is the seat where the person (pilot) who steers the glider sits.

Interestingly, the person who fly a paraglider is also called a paraglider.


Paragliding is the use of the “wing” or the “paraglider” to ride the air. It is an activity where humans fly using a fabric wing. Some people like to call it the simplest and purest form of flying because no combustion engine is involved, no fuel, no battery, no electricity – nothing. The wind is the sole propellant of the paraglider. No wonder why enthusiasts like to say that paragliding is the closest we can fly like birds.

As explained above, the basic paragliding equipment consists of an inflatable wing and the seat, and lines that connect these two. With these, you then just need a hill and some wind and you’re good to go.


Paragliders or paragliding pilots start on the ground and that is where they deploy their wings. They do not jump anywhere during the entire process.

At the take off site (usually on top of a hill) the pilot inflates the wing by pulling the right lines. Once the wing is overheard the pilot either take a few steps forward or run a bit into the wind. This makes the wing and its load to start floating gently in the air. That sounds like great fun!

Yes, paragliding is a fun-filled, family friendly adventure activity. The question now is this: What are you waiting for? Let’s go paragliding!

Written by Trymore Mukoko

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