In Cape Town, tandem paragliding is one of the top adventure activities that is gaining popularity as far as experience gifts are concerned. An increasing number of people are choosing the paragliding experience as the best gift for their loved ones. Whether it is for the celebration of a birthday or anniversary, the gift of paragliding is rad!

One of the most romantic moments I love to witness is when a couple-to-be come to paraglide. The husband-to-be lands first and when the wife-to-be is about to land she is first welcomed by a banner displaying those words women love to hear, “Would you marry me?” But before she even finishes to read this her feet touches the ground and the eagle lands. And as soon as she lands the husband-to-be kneels down, shakingly opens that special box and hesitantly utters the sacred words, “Would you marry me?”

Meanwhile a sizeable crowd of paragliding staff, and strollers (enjoying the fresh breeze characterising the famous Sea Point promenade) gathers and wait to hear her say it. Oh yes, it’s a YES! We ululate, whistle and clap hands the African way. They kiss and hug each other and she is wiping tears of joy. What a romantic way to engage!

So if you’re still figuring out what to buy for that special someone consider paragliding as an option, buy a paragliding gift voucher and you will never be disappointed. In fact, research shows that an experience gift is more satisfying than a thing. Yes, the satisfaction of unwrapping a physical gift is fleeting but memories of things we have enjoyed doing grow stronger by time.

An experience is the right way to treat your loved ones. And always remember, “It’s not what we have in life, but who we have in our lives that matters.”

Written by Trymore Mukoko

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