Paragliding in Hermanus, Cape Town

Hermanus Take-Off View



A 90 minute drive from Cape Town offers an excellent blend of scenery, serenity and thermals. A vibrant little town with impressive aerial views of the urban scenery, rugged shoreline, Atlantic Ocean, Hermanus golf course, green bushy slopes of Fernkloof Nature Reserve, refreshing views of waterfalls of Vogelgat Nature Reserve, clean clear Grotto  beach and occasional whales can be expected.

When to fly Hermanus

Humpback and Southern Right whales breach out of the water between Winter and Spring months (June – October) while the best months in terms of wind for paragliding is Spring, Summer and Autumn (September – May) although in the summer months you need to be at take off early due to developments of strong South Easterly winds. Ideal conditions are SE, S, SSW with a wind speed of 10-20kph.

Licence Requirement

Hermanus Ridge
Hermanus Ridge

A basic licence is required to paraglide solo otherwise we offer tandem paragliding flights for groups of 4 and bigger.

Launch Area

Hermanus is ridge-lift with a healthy sprinkling of thermals, a fresh cool sea breeze and tranquil views.  The ridge is 8km long and 235m above sea level

Landing Area

Top landings are an option either on the actual take off or behind the take off (but still on the top of the mountain), alternatively there is a bottom landing on a spacious sports field (Richard Bishops Sports field) opposite the Hermanus High School. For pilots doing cross country flights, Grotto beach is a landing option.


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