Paragliding From Sir Lowrys Pass, Cape Town

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           Paragliding South of Sir Lowrys take off
Paragliding South of Sir Lowrys take off

Sir Lowrys Pass

30 Minutes from Cape Town on the N2 towards George, situated in the Overberg mountain range you’ll find Sir Lowrys Pass, 420m above sea level offering soaring, thermalling and cross country flights for pilots with a basic licence and 4 sign offs. The ideal wind direction is W, NW or SW with a wind speed of 10-20 kph.

Flight Options

The long mountain chain extends in a fairly consistent ridge to the south offering cross country flights to Gordons Bay and False Bay.

           Paragliding North of Sir Lowrys take off
Paragliding North of Sir Lowrys take off

To the north of take-off the ridge rises to become towering mountains offering endless cross country flights to Hanskop, Stellenbosch, Paarl and for the more experienced pilots Porterville.

Launch Area

The main launch area is a small grass slope that requires good ground handling. For an easier launch walk directly across the road from the entrance of the carpark, follow the footpath up the mountain, bearing left until you ascend the final steep crest with green netting (10 minutes).

Landing Area

                 Sir Lowrys Pass Landing Area
Sir Lowrys Pass Landing Area

Before driving up to Sir Lowrys pass stop on the South side of the road at the base of the pass, there is a sign “Elands Kloof”, through the white fences to the left you will find the landing area, due to lift the landing area can be a bit challenging and small at times. If more space is needed there is a big landing area with small bushes further back that can be used. Be careful of the big set of power lines on the far side of the  landing area.

Due to the take off being in a venturi, if you are new to the site  contact us so that we can put you in touch with a local pilot so you can get a proper site briefing – 0722090119.


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