Paragliding in 2013

2013 has been another great year paragliding. Looking back on the year we have paraglided with many amazing people and have helped arrange many surprise flights, but there has to be one that was the best and the most memorable.  Our favourite was the Hermanus surprise arranged by Susan van der Merwe.

Suzi contacted Icarus Paragliding at the beginning of August to arrange surprise flights in Hermanus for her parents at the end of September. Many emails went backwards and forwards as Suzi’s excitement grew, she was trying her hardest to keep the secret mission a secret, only her husband Stephan was in the know. The family had spent many holidays in Hermanus watching the paragliders soaring above Rotary Way.

A week before their scheduled flights, Suzi had another trick up her sleeve, she also wanted to surprise Stephan and a friend of theirs Roelof. Emails started including Kathy, Roelof’s wife, the excitement was growing and growing. Kathy shared a conversation with us that her and Roelof had over lunch with friends; “And he said yes I am an adrenaline junkie. So she said I suppose you would jump out of a plane. And he said yes definitely but more importantly he would love to paraglide one day!! I nearly spat my cocktail out all over the table”.

Finally the day arrived. We were chasing the wind and Jacques and Jean rushed through from Cape Town ahead of schedule because the winds were changing. We met on Rotary Way, two cars arrived with two families. Suzi’s Dad, Alistair, spotted the paragliders and walked up to them and said “I’ve always wanted to do this”, he still had no idea that he was just about paraglide, they thought they were having sundowners on Rotary Way. Suzi said a very heart felt speech and thanked her parents for everything and told them they were about to paraglide, the husbands were also told of their treat. The day had finally arrived, within minutes they were in the air. I’ve never seen anybody as glamorous as Suzi’s mother after a flight, her lipstick was perfect and her smile added to her glamour.

IMG_3116 (Small) IMG_3136 (Small)

We had so much fun joining this amazing family and their friends and helping Suzi plan such an awesome surprise. Suzi you are no doubt the daughter of the year. Plus you and Kathy are awesome wives for including the guys.

IMG_3139 (Small)


Thank you for sharing the sky with Icarus Paragliding!


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