Paragliders love surfing

What exactly is it that these energetic adrenaline filled junkies get up to when the wind isn’t playing along and they aren’t able to paraglide? Surfing!

The Icarus Paragliding team was introduced to surfing by Michelle Davy the owner of Stoked School of Surf.
Stoked School of Surf is a ‘MOBILE’ surf school and surf tour operator based in Cape Town, providing a unique surfing experience at beaches with the most ideal wind and swell conditions. They also offer a surf guiding service for those who know how to surf, but just don’t know where to go. Whether you’ve surfed before or never even touched a surfboard, their surf lessons and surf trips are the best way to start your South African surf adventure. Check them out

The first of the Icarus Paragliding team to surf was Louise, she was stoked.

Jacques was the next, he managed to stand on his first attempt, what is it with guys making everything look so easy? We loved the experience so much and wanted to show Michelle what the beaches look like from the sky, she was super excited to share the sky with us.

Michelle has become one of Icarus Paragliding’s biggest fans. We work together arranging a surfing and paragliding day, could you ask for a better day?

Yesterday with the wind not playing along on Lions Head or Signal Hill, the Icarus Paragliding team headed to Muizenberg to spend the afternoon in the waves.

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