Santa Claus in Cape Town

Sisters Lisa and Lena met our Icarus Paragliding pilots on table mountain.  This is where the scheming began, what should be buy the boys for Christmas? Mmmm, an Icarus Paragliding voucher, perfect!

After many emails to the Icarus Paragliding team and checking Cape Town’s weather report, it was all set, the boys would fly from Lions Head.

“They really loved it and couldn´t stop telling us how wonderful it was 🙂

Merry Christmas to all of you!” – Lisa

Jan paragliding with Jean

“first of all, it was awesome with you guys!

I arrived in Cape Town 3 days before this flight and my girlfriend told me Santa Claus is waiting for me in Cape Town.

I had no clue what’s going on and how Santa could handle it without snow. Then we drove to Lion’s Head and five minutes before we arrived i slowly figured out what she was talking about. Santa Claus could fly, and I have to fly with him. I was totally excited and a little bit scared but Santa – or Jacques – was such a nice guy I relaxed a little! Walking to our starting point I slowly realized that I’d have to jump off this mountain with these stunning views of Cape Town and the Ocean. Whoop, a few seconds later I was up in the air and totally breathless. Wow, amazing, awesome, wonderful, stunning, crazy! Maybe I used all the words I know and invented some more 😉

Now I can say, i flew with Santa Claus. Thanks for this wonderful experience! ” – Richard

Richard paragliding with Jacques

The Icarus Team is very curious to know how the boys are going to top this awesome gift, who knows maybe they will also be treated to a tandem paragliding flight with Icarus.

Thank you for sharing the sky with Santa Claus!


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